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new model : COMFY 


modern, freeframe, easy weight...

About Us

PAPUK HOME is an Armenian brand that produces a large number of frameless furniture, decorative pillows, and different kind of hand made fabric items that make any home more bright and cosy.


Frameless furniture has been gaining more and more popularity every year. And if earlier, mainly young people were interested in such interior items, then today older people, who make up a big part of our customers, are happy to use bean bags and other kind of frameless furniture.


This is not surprising, because thanks to the high quality furniture fabrics, super resistant sewing materials and  the fillers that we use, we proved our customers that the frameless furniture can, with no doubt, serve as a complete part of their interior. In addition, it is easy to move, has no sharp and tough sides and will be an excellent decoration for a home or office interior as well as any public area.


Besides available range, our customers may independently design their furniture by choosing the model, the size and the fabrics they like among the large number of high quality european fabrics that we suggest.

We give a warranty to all our products and the satisfaction of each customer is the main goal of our team.


Our Products

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