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Papuk's  Daisy model, despite the popularity of its type, has been developed from 0 in our factory, going through several stages of improvement and as a result we got the most comfortable option when the chair is maximally comfortable, but at the same time the scale is very neat and proportionate.

The advantage of the Daisy model is that its stitching allows it to be used either as a high-seat armchair with a firm back or as a semi-reclining version as a "chaise longue" when the chair leans back completely with the help of the body.

Like all our models, Daisy has two layers, which allows you to remove and wash the first layer, or replace it with a new one if desired.

The uniqueness of the filler lies in the fact that while seated it assumes the shape of your body, it is very soft and light for transportation.

And anyone who has ever watched a movie sitting on these chairs will assure you that the feeling of sound waves through this material makes watching movies much more impressive.

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