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Open up the inside of your bean bag and you will discover these small white balls of goodness that bear your weight and conform to the shape of your body as you sink into bean bag bliss.

But, how do they do that? Let’s find out more about these pearls of comfort.

EPS is Expanded Polystyrene. Polystyrene is commonly used to make packing material for fragile items and foam food boxes.

EPS beans are produced using blowing agents that form bubbles and expand the foam. Since most of what makes an EPS bean is actually air, it provides a good cushioning effect.

Again, because of its “airy” nature, EPS beans are well-suited to be used as filling for bean bags that can be moved around wherever one desires to lounge at (unlike armchairs, for example).

Because bean bag beans are already “airy”, if they are not sufficiently dense to begin with, they will compress more quickly, and you will need to top up your bean bag sooner than if you got denser beans.

So Papuk Home uses a high density beans to make your chairs last as long as possible.

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