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Papuk's Light Seat modular frameless furniture. 

A modular sofa, sometimes called sectional sofa, can be one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can invest in. Modulars differ from traditional sofas because

-they are made up of multiple pieces that can be joined together, rather than one fixed piece like traditional sofas, or an armchair can be transformed into a big single bed, and the sofa into a huge double bed 

- Made entirely of soft inner material, it has no hard wood or metal parts. The material inside is completely high-quality latex foam, covered with high-density syntepon.

- The life of the sofa can reach up to 20 years, as it has no possibility of breaking of any of its mechanisms or the frame. And the high-quality European textiles and the super-dense latex foam we use make the durability of the furniture even more real.

- Such furniture is incomparably lighter than framed furniture, so the difficulty of moving the furniture is minimized.

- The outer layer can be completely removed, washed and replaced  with a new one if desired and you will need no help of the master.

- you can chose  the number of seats, the positions , the functionality and the fabrics of your modular furniture.

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