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Papuk's Rest model is an ideal option for modern stylish interiors, where comfort, style and practicality are combined in one place.

This model differs from our other soft armchairs with its fixed back and seat. The body does not get stuck in the chair too much, so the effect of the maximum soft armchair is provided. The Rest Maxi version can be half-leaned, the Love Seat can be seated and even half-leaned with two , and the Rest Classic is a great size as a soft single armchair that can even move a child from room to room.

This modular furniture can also be used as a sofa by putting several armchairs next to each other. The presence of a front pouf is preferable, as especially in the case of Maxi models, the depth of the seat is quite large and, for example, children do not even need a footrest, but otherwise for an adult pouf allows you to fully lie down or use it  as a table or, why not, as an extra stool.

Like all our models, this model is two-layer, the first layer can be easily removed. The filler is a  high-density expanded polystyrene to ensure the longevity of the chair (by the way, they are very easy to recharge through the clasp on the inner layer), and for more softness, the inner material is completely wrapped in the highest quality dense syntepon.

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